VIRGINIA BEACH, VA. (DECEMBER 18TH, 2017) Blakhart Guitars llc has formed a strategic alliance with the 501c(3) Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) WARRIORS FOR WILDLIFE.
The heavy music industry has a known respect and passion for the animal community. This partnership is a way for us to help and give back.
“We are going to offer several exclusive models with Warriors for Wildlife graphics and designs. The artwork is to be provided by several amazing artists from within our family. Each piece will be signed, numbered and have a certificate of authenticity. Profits from these limited pieces will go directly towards their support.”
This is where Warriors for Wildlife step it up. They are bringing military, veterans and first responders together to help assist in the protection of African Wildlife and aid in conservation efforts. The poaching of endangered wildlife, snaring and killing of many protected species must be stopped.
We at Blakhart Guitars also have a direct link to our military brothers and sisters via the outside Military sales division. It was only natural for us to team up with Warriors for Wildlife who share the same passion and dedication towards conservation and providing meaningful purpose, post enlistment.

“If we don’t help preserve our wildlife, then we will only know of them from our history”
Kinessa Johnson
Warriors for Wildlife

Updates will be released through various media outlets including the standard social media sites, print and broadcasts in the next few months.

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We are the only official guitar and bass sponsor for this tour, featuring ORIGIN.


Here is our latest interview for the winter 2017```````` artist spotlight Featuring Jack Owen!!!

Post interview, Jack has since joined Six Feet Under with former Cannibal Corpse band mate, Chris Barnes.

Zeus * Hi Jack! How's it going?

Jack * Everything's Really Great, Thanks for Having me!

Zeus * I Heard You Just Got Home From a Six Week Tour with the Dutch Band Carach Angren * How did it go?

Jack * It Really Couldn't Have Gone Better.. Those Guys Are so Professional and So Talented.. It was My Honor, Really. They're Literally Musical Geniuses & Unbelievably Nice..  And the Tour Manager Francois, He Is The Best.. And Rotting Christ & Necronomicon,  those guys Were Also Amazing to work with.. It was Definitely one of the Best Tours I've Ever Been on.

Zeus * That is Quite a Far Jump from Deicide, how did that happen?

Jack * Well I met them in 2014 when they came out on the US "In the Minds of Evil" tour with Deicide. But then in 2015 we (Deicide) were only out for a couple weeks at the beginning of the year and then another couple of weeks at the end of the year.. and you know, I have a mortgage and my wife and I have a local cat rescue that we pay for ourselves.. So, I needed to stay busy...

Zeus * I tell people all the time we are a crazy cat company...means the world to us that you provide a rescue service in your area.

(Just for the record, a percentage of every Jack Owen model we sell goes towards Cat Rescue, TNR programs and non-kill shelters!!!)

Zeus * So... How did the Deicide camp feel about you touring?

Of course I asked Glen if we had anything scheduled first and when we didn't he basically told me to do what I had to do to make ends meet..
I coincidentally I got an email from Dennis (Carach's Vocalist) asking if I was available for a September / October US / Canada Tour.. That Eventually Added a Mexican Run at the End. And it just so happened that I was available...

Zeus * I Saw You Took Your New Blakhart 7 String Infidelus Vk7 Out on That Tour With You!
How did it work out?

Jack * Great Man.. You did a Killer Job on that one..
That is a Nice / Solid Guitar.. At first the 27" Scale was
a little long for me.. But after a few shows it became
more comfortable & felt well balanced. I Love it.. Oh, and it holds tuning Really Well too...Speaking of that, there are a few models in the works (for me) featuring RailHammer pickups and a standard scale 6 string configuration that I can't wait to put to work! Really like the Vice and Raine 6's that are in production right now!

Zeus * I'm Glad you like 'em! Our production quality has really gone up with the 2016's... What's new with Deicide Any chance we'll see you on the road?

Jack * Not Much.. When I Got home from the Carach Angren Tour. I was released of my services with them..

Zeus * Damn brother...That's outta left field... Can I ask Why? What did you say to that?

Jack * I'm not sure.. I just said okay...

Zeus * So what will you do with your time now, besides rescue kitties (laughter)

Jack * Well, I won't be sitting home for 48 weeks next year...I hope to continue with Carach Angren for as long as they'll have me Of Course.. And who knows?? I'm Open...

Zeus * Thank you so much for your time and supporting the Blakhart family. We are 100% committed to you and any project you lend a name to!

Jack * Thank You Man! Thanks for Having Me!

Jack has no official social media at this time. Its the only thing that keeps him sane.
Check back with us for the latest news and releases from Mr. Owen in the future!


Band(s): Ceremony, Morbid Angel, WarFather

Weapons of choice: Kronos ST4 bass, Bane V guitar

Steve has been a long respected player in the game, starting his odyssey with Pat O’Brien (Of Cannibal Corpse, Nevermore). Together, they formed the Cincinnati-based death/thrash metal band “Ceremony” releasing their self-titled debut in 1992, shortly thereafter the EP “The Days before the Death” was released.

After “Ceremony” disbanded, Steve found coalition with death metal giants Morbid Angel on and off from 1996-present. With albums like “Formulas Fatal to the Flesh”, “Gateways to Annihilation” and “Heretic” his indomitable signature was permanently imprinted upon the death metal world!

But that’s not all this talent has contributed to the metal community! He has lent his vocal and writing expertise to the praised Nader Sadek project and recently released new brutality with his WarFather enterprise releasing their debut “Orchestrating the Apocalypse” in May 2014.

Currently Steve is in the lab finishing up on the second installment of Warfather AND working on new Morbid Angel!

WarFather -

Morbid Angel -