Blakhart is focused on providing guitars and basses that cater to the metal and hardcore musician who is looking for more than what's on the wall in a big box store. The primary goal with Blakhart is to deliver high caliber guitars and basses for players at respectable pricing. Our staff is composed of active artists in order to get a mutual benefit: made by artists for the artists. Blakhart prides itself on providing what musicians are looking for, so your feedback is crucial to our development.

We started as an Elite, one off custom boutique builder and have steadily grown into a bit larger production company. That being said we are focused on standard models that are all listed on our web site. We no longer build customs on a regular basis, but do make a few select customs a year. To reach a "break even" point the starting price would be about $3000.

Blakhart supports a large network of musicians and bands across the spectrum and from all over the world, so keep an eye on our 'Artist Spotlight' section as it grows and develops. We look forward to building this network as the company grows. Blakhart focuses on supporting artists that are working hard to forward the movement of their craft and trade.

Blakhart is composed of real people, like you. We work hard and play hard. We reply to all messages as soon as possible. If you do not hear a response in two working days, please resend your email to ensure it was received. Email is the BEST way to insure a quick reply without being lost in the shuffle.